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Prestige Green Gables Kadubeesanahalli


Prestige Green Gables- Located to perfection at Kadubeesanahalli,

The Prestige Group is a reputed company which has developed excellent properties for a vast number of clients for quite some time now. Be it residential, commercial, or entertainment projects, Prestige Group has been developing all types of projects with the same excellence for a long time. The projects of Prestige Group are seen more towards Southern India, and the construction development of the group started in the year 1986. As per the statistics, the Prestige Group hit a massive turnover of Rs. 3518 Crore in the financial year 2015.

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As always, in Prestige Group, the main aim is to provide the residents with unmatched comfort and uncompromised safety. All of these are provided without taking away anything from the ultra-modern luxurious lifestyle. Many of the real estate firms have taken notice at the blending techniques of Prestige Group of Style and comfort. Over many major cities, the Prestige Group has developed more than 210 projects as of now, with 80 million square feet area almost covered. As per reports, nearly 53 projects are currently undergoing of the Prestige Group, which are spread on a 54 million square feet area. With another 48 million square feet, Prestige Group also has almost 35 projects on the upcoming list. The commercial spaces and mainly the integrated townships are the main focus of development of Prestige Group at present. Projects like Forum Mall, Prestige Ozone, and Prestige Acropolis are quite well known and are all developed by Prestige Group.

Prestige Green Gables Kadubeesanahalli

The Prestige Green Gables is one of the most beautiful residential home properties that are going to be launched in Panathur , Bangalore by the Prestige. Since the project is a residential one, the location of the site is ideally chosen. The connectivity is excellent, and the project site has a connection to all the local and significant regions of the city. Transportation facilities are widely available, and highways are connected well with the main road that connects the Prestige Green Gables project. The developer has thoroughly checked every range of the project location, and the environment and locality of the project are also excellent to say in the least. Keeping in mind the needs of the residents and the multiple choices of different customers, flats of 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK configurations are going to be provided in the Prestige Green Gables project.

The city of Bangalore, which is also the capital of the state Karnataka, is one of the most prominent cities in India. Having an apartment like Prestige Green Gables Kadubeesanahalli in Bangalore is undoubtedly an advantage. Customers are free to choose their apartment choices, and the prices are also quite affordable. With multiple world-class features, the Prestige Green Gables is a dream come true project for many people. The project is spread over a large area, and it is offering unmatched verities of facilities to the residents. The Prestige Group has always been part of beautiful creations of residential and commercial buildings in South India. However, the Prestige Green Gables project is showing promise to reach an even greater height. The living around this property is said to be the most convenient for people and the environment, and the weather in the locality is also delightful.

The number of total units that will be developed in the Prestige Green Gables project and the number of towers coming up are, as on request. There are many features present in the Prestige Green Gables apartment. The developer of the project has made sure that the buildings and the towers are shaped like the best in class. Every essential feature required in a residential complex, as well as in the luxurious ones, is found here. Each of the flats is pretty spacious, and is well ventilated and allows the movement of sunlight and air. There is adequate space in the open places, and each of the flats is well connected with others. Facilities such as gym, playgrounds, security systems, and power and water supplies are always provided.

The Prestige Green Gables project is also providing the residents with a lush green environment and beautiful scenery. There are various trees and plants near the project area, and even inside the project site in the different open spaces.

With everything the Prestige Green Gables project has to offer, many people will be looking forward to buying apartments in this project. The place is expected to be popular, and the demand will increase subsequently. Thus, it provides an excellent option to the real estate investors for investing in this property.

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**Images provided are only for illustration and this page is about Prestige Constructions. RERA no. will be applicable once RERA will notify us with project name.

Prestige Green Gables

Strategically located at Kadubeesanahalli , an emerging suburb in South Bangalore

The Prestige Green Gables project is located in the kadubeesanahalli, Panathur, Bangalore, in Karnataka. The project is located just beside the Sobha Dream Acres, another big project in the area. When it comes to the region, there are not many options to choose a better place. This part of Bangalore is well connected and has excellent transportation methods and facilities. The sports areas, zones of entertainment, and shopping malls and markets are also located in close vicinity. The safety of the place is one of the key features that everyone aims for when they are going to buy a new apartment. This region where the Prestige Green Gables project is being developed is one of the safest areas in the city of Bangalore.

With the help of the civil engineer team, the Prestige Green Gables project has been equipped with entrances and exits that are directly connected to the main roads which lead up to all the major roads and the highways. The main locations and landmarks of the kadubeesanahalli is very near to the project site. Essential places such as medical institutions, educational institutions, and grocery stores are all located in nearby areas. With the location in the panathur, kadubeesanahalli, most of the significant IT tech centres are located quite close to the project site. With railway stations and airports also connected well with main roads, the place is ideally located to enjoy a fast-paced modern lifestyle, at the same time when living a comfortable lifestyle.

Residential infrastructure growth around Green Gables project

The Prestige Green Gables is located close to the , Bangalore, which is Kadubeesanahalli. With so many technological centres, the job prospect in the area is quite huge. As a result, a vast number of employees and workers tend to move here to have ease of transportation. When anyone is investing in the Prestige Green Gables project, or any project in the local area, such proximity to the essential places is often considered as one of the main reasons to determine the demand of property in a place.

As per statistics, the local residential area surrounding the Prestige Green Gables project and in the is aimed to be doubled in the next decade. The plan is to make a residential area of 490.25 hectares, with the current residential area being 232.09 hectares. The industrial area is not expected to increase in the same amount due to the place already being oversaturated with industries. The current industrial area is 241.5 hectares, and it is expected to rise to only 258.66 hectares, showing minimal growth in the next decade.

With the main reasons being good connectivity, located near the tech centres, and the residential apartments having excellent infrastructure, the demand for the properties in this area is increasing. As a result, top projects like Prestige Green Gables can be an excellent opportunity for investment.

In any apartment near the Prestige Green Gables project and throughout the entire , the 2 BHK flats are the most common with 50 per cent of all apartments. It is followed by the 1 BHK flats, which consists of 30 per cent of the total units. The 3 BHK flats are only 20 per cent of the total apartments in the area. It can be seen that the 2 BHK flats have the most demand in .

So, investment in top residential apartments like Prestige Green Gables is beneficial for both short term and long term. The investors can buy the flats at a completive price, and sell it on a much higher rate when the demand is huge.

Property price trends around Prestige Panathur

The has different phases, and the prices in each phase are different. However, the prevailing trend is the same for every phase, which states that the price trend is upwards. In 2016, the starting price per square feet in Phase 1 and Phase 2 were Rs. 3574 and Rs. 3274 respectively. The year 2017 had been a little different, with the effect of demonetization showing clearly on the real estate market. As of 2019, the average price of the ready to shift apartments in Phase 1 of is Rs. 4400 per square feet. With such rates, the starting price of the 1 BHK flats is approximately Rs. 26.40 lakh. The approximate starting price of the 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats respectively are Rs. 44 lakh and Rs. 66 lakh.

As for the apartments at Phase 2, the average price per square feet in the already set up apartments is Rs. 4100. The approximate prices of the 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK flats are Rs. 24.60 lakh, Rs. 41 lakh, and Rs. 61.50 lakh, respectively. Some 4 BHK flats are also available in this area, though in negligible numbers. The prices on such apartments can reach Rs. 1.67 Crore.

In the same area, Independent houses are available with a price per square feet of Rs. 5000 to Rs. 8000. The super luxurious villas that are available in this area can cost even Rs. 2.10 Crore. The property price trend in this area is trending upward, and it does not seem that the upward trend will stop anytime soon. The real estate market of the place has received a boost of 13 per cent to 14 per cent in the last few years. This is the best time to visit in apartments at , such as in Prestige Green Gables. With an upward trending curve, you can expect how long the rise will be and get returns accordingly.

Investing in Green Gables Prestige - Is it your money’s worth?

The location of the Prestige Green Gables is strategically placed on the , Bangalore. With world-class amenities and top connectivity, this place will be a good choice for residence. For the workers and employees of the tech centres, the Prestige Green Gables project will be the ideal location to stay.

The product specifications in Prestige Green Gables are top of the line that will surely meet the expectations of the customers and maintain industry-level standards. The weather and environment of the locality are also pleasant, and the residents will be completely safe in Prestige Green Gables. It is not only for residents but also for realtors. The potential investors have also expressed their interest in buying flats at Prestige Green Gables. However, with all modern facilities, excellent connectivity, and with a higher standard of living, the Prestige Green Gables project is a wish came true for a lot of people.

Buy a home in Prestige Green Gables Kadubeesanahalli and enjoy all the benefits, while you live the perfect blend of comfort and luxury. With the project being developed by the Prestige Group, such precision is quite expected.

Pre-requisites to follow before investing at Kadubeesanahalli

Property investments are long-term prospects. First-time investors should take their time and consult with professional advisers for a clear understanding about the property market. As these are crucial decisions, residents need to make sure they have a checklist of their priorities before jumping into purchase decisions. Investing in Prestige Green Gables can help you choose between under construction projects and ready-to-move in homes. Either one of these options offer individual benefits. Employing a collective approach can help you make smart decisions without any grievances in the future. Invest Now!

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Prestige Green Gables

Prestige Green Gables Kadubeesanahalli is located to precision at Kadubeesanahalli, . The property has employed a collective approach by welcoming residents to the site at all times. Meaning, one is free to experience the amenities and floor plans for constructive purchase decisions. With 1/2/3 BHK homes up for grabs, residents are presented with alternatives to choose from. With impeccable connectivity to the rest of the city, it is imperative that investing at Kadubeesanahalli can reap great rental returns as well. Carefully designed living spaces eventually would contribute to optimum space utilization. Invest now for a life you had imagined!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Prestige Green Gables exactly located?
Prestige Green Gables by Prestige is a residential project located Kadubeesanahalli, .
What are the configurations available at Prestige Green Gables?
Prestige Green Gables offers 1/2/3 BHK residential apartments.
What is the total area covered at Prestige Green Gables?
The total land parcel at Prestige Green Gables is about 15 acres*.
What is the possession status of Prestige Green Gables?
It is On Request
What is the price of individual unit variants at Prestige Green Gables?
Prestige Green Gables prices for individual apartments are available on request.
What are the amenities provided at Prestige Green Gables?
Amenities at Prestige Green Gables include an equipped gymnasium, recreational play parks for children, landscaped greenery, swimming pool for all age groups, jogging tracks, clubhouse, 100% electric/power backup, designated parking spots and 24/7 round the clock security services.
Is Prestige doing any ther pre launch?
Yes. These are the following projects from Prestige which are getting pre launch soon. Click on the mentined project name. Prestige Smart City, Prestige Waterford, Prestige Primrose Hills and many more.

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